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FWD vs AWD ABS algorithms

I am looking into an ABS box from an 1989 FWD Audi 100.  The part number on
it matches what the fiche calls for on the '89-91 200Q (443 907 379C).  Does
anyone know for a fact that the ABS algorithms for FWD cars are identical to
that for AWD cars?  The thing that is strange is that the fiche for the 100
non-q has a different part number, and it shows the lateral acceleration
sensor, which is lacking on the fiche for the 200!  Does anyone know if the
'89-91 200Q has an ABS system that uses the lateral acceleration sensor?
I'm thinking about retrofitting this system onto my car ... an '88 5kCSQW

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)