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D'em Brakes

Frank:  >Actually, I think the RS2 used 968 club sport brakes. Dave??
Dave E.:  >yup, based on the 968cs brembo setup.  non-drilled though, but very

More specifically, the 968cs used the same 304 X 32mm, 5 x130 rotor that is on
the RS2, in drilled form.  Also uses the same  Brembo caliper.  The known
disadvantage to this CS setup, is uneven pad wear and digging of the forward
pad under hard braking.  This is due to the differring 44 and 36mm piston

The setup Frank refers to is the 993tt setup, or Big Reds (or big yellows,
they are the same thing Frank).  It uses a 335mm X 33.5mm rotor with aluminum
Hats and mountings to the stock 5k/200/S cars hubs.  I have installed 2 sets
and own 1 of this setup, and the stock porsche pad seems to have good wear and
great stopping ability.  The use of a 17in wheel is mandatory, but the
benefits are phenomenal.  Ingo R on the list has a set on his v8, believe them
to be pic'd on his website.  I also have pix of them on a 5ktq, and on an S4
during install.  Carl Jerritts and I designed this setup after driving the new
M3.  One could pine, or one could just do it...

Sure wish audi would've done this right the first time.  They sure did in the
racing cars, right dave? :)

Those going to the Qclub event at Gratten can see the big reds on Carl
Jerritts old 5ktq, "the beast".  


Scott Justusson