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RE: Cracked EM 2-piece, RS2, etc.

>I can never remember, but is the 2-piece unit made for the turbo MC
>engines or for the N/A motors? I keep forgetting, but I think someone
>mentioned that the 2-piece is for the 20-valve motors and so is the
>RS2 manifold. The RS2 manifold I've been told is a 1-piece unit.
>If for the turbo MC (1989 or 1990) 10-valver then what is the part
>number(s) for it? Could never figure out how the 2-piece works to fit
>into the turbo exhaust inlet. :)
>If for the MC, then when fitting it would it be a good idea to match
>the EM outlet to the turbo exhaust inlet? I mean, die grind (or
>whatever) the rough ridges away and match the 2 flow units.

Gerard,  I'm not sure what youve been smokin down there but I suggest you
let up on it a bit.   These questions have all been discussed at length
many times, and re-re-re-answering them for the same people is getting a bit 
old.  For the last time.

10V - NA get the 5>3>1 manifold for best power
10V - T get the two piece for best power
20V - NA keep the stock piece
20V - T get the RS2 for best power

Simple, eh?