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Yet Another Quattro Question(s)

In message <000701bd6e0c$26ea63c0$2a76090c@penn-schoen.att.net> tturse@ps-b.com (Thomas Turse) writes:

> Well, I'm still trying to figure out the driveshaft/shaking problem.  In the

Good luck.  The microfiche makes depressing reading.

> mean time I'm going to get new tires and a good align and balance.  Anyway,
> I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with diagnosing and fixing a
> trunk leak.  I haven't really looked in to the problem, but both side wells
> fill up w/ water.  The seal looks fine though.

Usual culprit is the rear light cluster seal.  Back off the nuts (you
might need a _deep_ socket or a lot of patience) and see if the
cluster is loose - it should be very firmly stuck in place.

If there's any significant movement, pull it off and reseal it.  There
are curved channels around the cluster where it meets the bodywork -
Audi sells a strip sealant that goes into these channels and presses
against the bodywork, but it's $$$.  Many moons ago, someone posted
that the _same_ sealant is available under a Porsche number for $.

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