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Re: Brakes, brakes, and yes, more brakes...

>> The Big Reds specifically came on the '95 - '97 Twin Turbos as well as
>> Namely:
> They were first introduced on the 94 3.6l 911 Turbo.
Ben, I do not want to start a nit picking Porsche caliper war on the Audi
list here, but since I don't have part numbers available for what the Turbo
3.6 used I checked brake pads and noticed a different application for these
versus the 993 twin turbo caliper. Thoughts? If this truly is the case I'd
be interested in knowing.

>> This is absolutely the case. I've tried S4, S6, and BBS Pininfarina three
>> piecer wheels they do not clear. Luckily on the S4 the stock wheel offset
>> already 40 mm and with the right wheels (TSW Hock Rs) this fits the
>> nicely.
> I am going to have to disagree here. The rotor is the limiting factor for
>the wheels needed. If I can fit a 276mm rotor with G60's inside a 15in
>wheel, why couldn't I fit thew same 276mm rotor with a "Big Red" inside a
>15in wheel? Don't get me wrong, I KNOW from experience that this set-up
>will not work, but I still maintain that the rotor is the limiting factor,
>not the caliper.

Granted the rotors are the limiting factor. But I, for one, am a little
remiss to use a smaller rotor that wasn't designed to dissipate the heat
that the Big Red can generate. Especially in a 4000 lb vehicle (in the case
of the V8). If you have dropped the dough to use a Big Red wouldn't it be
counter-intuitive to not use the largest possible rotor that it could
handle? If you want to use a smaller rotor, why not use a smaller caliper,
one that was designed to fit, say, a 276mm rotor. I think we are arguing the
same point here. You are saying the rotor is the limiting factor and I am
saying that the caliper and rotor are a package deal in the kit I was
reffering to. Big Red Caliper uses 330mm rotor requires 17" wheel type of

>> I have it on authority that the Big Reds will kill TAPs AP setup. Only
>> problem is you can't get the Brembos to fit on the A4.
>> >
>"Can't"?!?!?! I'd say that someone isn't trying hard enough. :-)

Not for me to try, I have no interest in A4 brake upgrades. Just passing
along info that I had researched. Word I got was that in order to get Big
Reds to fit on the A4 you would need to run some prohibitevely insane
offset, don't know for sure as I haven't BTDT. If you can get them to fit,
go to the A4 list and start selling, I'll help market them.

'93 S4