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Re: V8 Oil Leak

     You might want to check the power steering pump. I had similar 
     symptoms which required a minor re-torque on the fittings (major 
     contortions to do so). If you get any spotting on the floor the 
     mineral oil usually looks very clean, unlike motor oil except right 
     after a change.
     Jon Tessman
     '90 V8Q

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Subject: V8 Oil Leak
Author:  Douglas Glanz <dglanz@yahoo.com> at ENRON-Internet
Date:    4/22/98 4:20 PM

Hey q-listers:
I have been having a problem with an oil leak on my V8.  I have 
correlated it to two conditions...either when driving it hard at high 
speeds or for extended periods at >75 mph.  After either one of these 
when I stop, I can see (and smell) oil smoke burning off of the outside 
of the exhaust, not from the headers...under the car.
I got under and checked the oil pressure switch since it may leak 
under higher oil pressure, and it was dry.  I did see a drip from the 
driver's side of the transaxle at the axle seal, and the exhaust where 
it merges at the O2 sensor had a little oil on it.  Would the seal 
leak more at higher speeds?  Is this a common failure on the V8?
I also noticed some engine oil on the a/c compressor.  Is there 
something above it that can be leaking?  Space is tight and it is a 
little hard to see.  
If anyone else has a similar experience, I would be interested in 
knowing your experience.
Thanks everyone in advance for your help!
Best Regards,
Douglas P. Glanz (dglanz@yahoo.com)
90 V8 Quattro, 129K
87 Alfa Milano Platinum, 67K (don't flame me if you haven't driven one) 
83 Alfa Spider Veloce, 108K
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