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Re: V8 Oil Leak

        Here's another V8Q with a small oil leak. What is the well known
        leak? Mine seems to leak on the side of the ox sensor and can be
        smelled after a high speed run. I did have a broken valve cover
        vent/return hose that I thought would fix the problem but didn't..
        The leak isn't big enough to cause a drip on the ground..
        Any hints apriciated.

According to FBFISH:
> Doug- I am currently having the same problem with my V8. I intended to replace
> the valve cover gaskets, and query the long term listers for a reference to
> another "well known" leak source which I vaguely recall was somwhere at the
> back of the engine. While we are at it perhaps some one will give us a contact
> for valve cover gaskets etc at a resonable price. 
> Frank Santoro
> 1990 V8
> Kingsville Md

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