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Fwd: Is it me or the dealer?

You wrote:
>Ok, I need a little reality check here, is it me or this "family owned,
>customer service" dealer?
>I purchased a 94 100S wagon from Fathers & Sons (West Springfield, MA)
>last December via the net. I live in NC and was ticketed by a cop in GA
>for having a liscense plate frame covering up the state name.  I called them to see
>what they could do about this.
>I faxed the ticket to them with an explaination of what happened and got
>the answer, "We never heard of that happening, I'll talk to my owner."
>Well, following up it seems that as a result of this, they will no
>longer put the frame on out of state sales and "it really is the owners
>responsibility to know state laws concerning these matters".  BTW, we are only talking $25.00
>since the judge reduced it from the origional $65.00 fee (ouch!).
>So, should this owner of Fathers & Sons in West Springfield, MA get a
>letter from me advising them that the $25.00 would be nice, but more
>importantly they have more serious customer service issues and word via
>the internet gets around quickly?!
>The irony is I am about to sell that wagon and really am in the market
>for a 100CSQW, but won't be looking to do business with them!
>Appreciate anybody's thoughts.


I live in CT and have had many dealings with most of the area dealers. (Springfield MA is in my area)  I must tell you that Fathers & Sons is one of the "good guys"  They have customer service and attention to detail that goes way over most of the other dealers.  They are something of a breath of fresh air in dealer/customer relations. They are also addressing the problem for future customers by not installing the offending frame on new out-of-state/Internet sales. 
Clearly this has never happened to them before  "We never heard of that happening, I'll talk to my owner." .  They, like many dealers, are probably fairly new at this Internet business.  They gave you a car that according to the Massachusetts state motor vehicle law was properly registered.  They could not possibly know the laws of the state of Georgia (where you received your citation) or even the laws of North Carolina where, presumably, it is legally registered.  I don't know if you had to pass an inspection in NC to register your car there, but if you did, I would assume they might have as least pointed the problem out to you or failed your car until the problem was corrected.  I also assume that the other states through which you passed found no flagrant violation of their licensing statues.  (You drove the car from Mass "through six states to North Carolina when I purchased it, with the potential of this situation happening in anyone of those states").  I also assume you did so a fair amount of driving in NC with no problems encountered by your local authorities.  It is unfortunate that an over zealous cop probably saw a northern license plate frame and decided you were the biggest crime he'd seen in the last 5 years.  I think that a letter to Fathers & Sons might yield the $25.00 maybe but to accuse them of poor customer service is a little over the top.



I have no affiliation with the above dealer other than being a happy customer.