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Re: Is it me or the dealer?

Scott 20191668 Bermes wrote:
> The irony is I am about to sell that wagon and really am in the market
> for a 100CSQW, but won't be looking to do business with them!
> Appreciate anybody's thoughts.

Several thoughts: (1.) Customer service is in the eyes of the beholder;
(2.) Genuine customer service would dictate that the dealer pony up the
$25 with no questions asked because they really wanted to continue to
get your business, and the business of every other customer; (3.)
Writing off the $25 would seem to be a no-brainer, but how many people
have we met at Audi dealers -- whether salespeople, partspeople or
general managerpeople -- who really know Audis and are allowed, let
alone encouraged, to think for themselves?; (4.) It is, after all, only
25 bucks.  Let it go and, of course, buy your new Audi elsewhere.  Good

Shaun Mullen
West Grove, PA (notebooking from my A4QM Avant above Sweetwater, PA, at
the moment)