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April Volkswagen Audi Car

Hi gang,

Just read April's issue of Volkswagen Audi Car and saw a guy who turned a
100 (looks like a 5000 in U.S.) with a 2 liter turbo diesel into A
MOTORHOME!  Yep, cut the rear of the car right off and welded a tubular
steel frame on and epoxied plywood panels to the frame. Strangest looking
Audi I ever seen.  

Also nice articles about a bored and stroked 80q with 175bhp that can take
on an urq (3,900 GBP for the engine installed!) and a Lotus Seven with the
A4 1.8l turbo engine.

Fascinating reading...



Tony Lum  (tlum@flash.net)                  1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro
Berkeley, California, USA                      1985 4000CS Quattro
Audi Owner/Driver/Mechanic by Necessity ;^)      1980 5000S Sedan