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re: afterrun thermoswitch BTDT

>Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 23:20:37 -0600
>From: Henry Harper <hah@srv.net>
>Subject: afterrun thermoswitch BTDT
>Having determined that my afterrun switch is in need of replacement (or =
>at least that the fan & pump both make noise when the switch is shorted =
>out, but never turn on after-otherwise), how much coolant comes out when =
>this switch is removed (on a 3B). All that was in the head? Just what's =
>in the little pipe there? Depends on whether or not the expansion tank =
>cap is loose?
>Can I mix the Audi orange coolant with Texaco orange coolant?
>Full of questions,
>Henry Harper

When I replaced the multifunction switch on my '89 100, I was able to get
the new one in before more than 1/4 liter (or so) of coolant had escaped.
However access to the after-run switch on the '91 200q is _so_ limited that
I'd expect to lose a _lot_ of coolant.

Let us know if you manage the job without serioiusly skinning at least 3 or
4 knuckles. I got some painful abrasions just getting the connections off
to do the test. :(

BTW, on my "new" '91 200q, the after-run came on for the first time about
10 days ago when there was a spate of unseasonably warm weather (close to
70 F, wow!). I idled the engine in the driveway until the cooling fan came
on and then shut the engine down immediately (temp gauge at 12 o'clock.)
Then I checked the mail, went inside the garage, started around into the
house, and after what _must_ have been at least 4 or 5 minutes, the
after-run came on. This was a very similar experience to what I encountered
with my previous car--although it was during the Fall season then.

So, although it may still indicate a faulty component, it's possible that
the after-run sensor might not trigger without warm outside temps plus
having several minutes to activate--when we're likely to be long gone.

Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com