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PZeros & Extroverts

This is tangential I know. Some PZeros come with the "PZero" as raised
yellow lettering. Does anyone know how to apply this highlighting after the

I want to highlight the "S-02" on my sidewall.
Juvenile? Yes.
Stealth? Not really. Then again neither is a huge set of red brakes. The
tires will come off in the winter, time enough to practice being an
introvert then.

I'm working on getting some custom center caps for the TSW wheels made up
either in aluminum or plastic (haven't decided), maybe the rings, "turbo" or
"S4." Any suggestions for other center caps for a '93 S4 that has (or will
have) RS2 manifold, RS2 turbo?, cat bypass, Stebro exhaust, aluminum mesh
front grill, TSW trophy wheels, & Bridgestone S-02s. I was thinking about
leaving them blank but that may not look to good. The center caps are about
35 mm in diameter.

Any BTDT's or suggestions?

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From: Jeffrey J. Goggin <audidudi@mindspring.com>
Subject: 8.5x18 wheels on an '89 200q...

>FYI, I spent some time test-fitting the 8.5x18 wheels I mentioned yesterday
>... unfortunately, with 235/35-18 Pirelli P-Zeros...