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Re: copper crush washer vs aluminum

Craig D. Niederst wrote:
> I finally got that damn drain plug out and went to the dealer (Day Audi)
> over lunch today and bought a new drain plug. I was issued an aluminum crush
> washer with the plug instead of copper. I questioned the parts manager, and
> he told me that this is what Audi has been sending them. He said he hasn't

This is interesting. I was at the same dealer about three weeks ago to
get an oil filter and washer for my '93 90. At first, the guy came
back with the same aluminum thingy. I said, "Hey, it's supposed to be copper!"
(assuming he was trying to gyp me with some aftermarket washer). I went
back, rumaged around and came out with the copper one I had expected...

As far as problems with dissimilar metals, I believe the oil pan on the
V6 is aluminum too. The drain plug, however, may be different.

1993 90CS 64k mi