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Fuel Pump Retainer Ring removal? //Bentley Index file

Car: 88 5000 :  
	The Bentley Book says to use tool 3087 to remove the retainer ring to 
get at the fuel pump. (I'm replacing the check valve).  Has anyone found a 
reasonable way to bypass the need of this tool, and of course without the 
possibility of a spark. Banging on the fuel pump cover doesn't seem like a 
reasonable thing to do. 
	Also I have been making a Index (database) file of the Bentley Book for 
the 5000. It is a .dbf file. Most computers have a program for running a .dbf 
file. Just click on it from the explorer progam and windows will find a 
program to run it.  It would make searching for things in the Bentley manual 
easier, since, for whatever reason they have not included a good index. The 
.dbf file is small enough to attach to an E-mail so let me know if you would 
like a copy.