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Whimsical fuel gauge on 91 200Q

	I bought a 91 200 Quattro in mid-March from an Audi dealer in
Southern California (white, tan leather, 68,000 miles, non-UFO, dealer
serviced, disc player).  Love the car, but still trying to get used to
the size (prior car was 86 Coupe).

	I'm having a problem with the fuel gauge.  When I fill up the
tank, the gauge needle reads far to the right of "F".  At about 1/2 tank
(according to the guage), I'll fill it up and it takes about 15 gallons
(approx 20 gallon tank).  Is there some way to adjust the gauge?

	In contrast to the optimistic gas gauge, the trip computer is
overly pessimistic, but I'm not sure if or how it is related.  When I
fill up, the trip computer shows that  I have about 400 miles left in the
tank, which seems about right.  But when the gas gauge reads 3/4 tank,
the trip computer (and the indicator light) starts going crazy and
warning me that I'm almost out of gas.  Anyone else experience these
quirks or have any suggestions?

Eric Gressler
91 200 Quattro
86 Coupe GT

PS:	I've been on the list for a few years now and know the general
disdain that the trip computer is held to.  However, I have to say that
the trip computer is pretty accurate (+/-5%) in my girlfriend's 91 Coupe

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