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Re: Removing Strut in 4kq

Use a compressed air hammer and a 24mm(I think) socket, It'll come right off.
I did this to mine today to replace the strut mount bearings. Worked real
slick ;>) To remove the whole strut assy. you will need to disconnect the tie
rod (if you don't have a tie rod puller GO GET ONE. It will NOT come off woth
out it BTDT), the ball joint, disconnect the brake caliper and tap the axle
out of the hub. And poof like magic it is out.
Good Luck

Reed Unterseher

Michael Williams wrote:

> Hey all, i as just wondering how i would go about removing the strut
> assembly from the car.  At least just the top nut.  I dont have any of
> the special tools, so if you guys can give me some sort of MacGuyver way,
> i would appreciate it.  Thanks.
> later...
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