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Re: Replacing front & back Rotars

I wouldn't use anything else other than stock type rotors. You may be
sorry, you may not. Check with Blaufergnugen or VW parts. their prices are
very close to that. Always check with the dealer, though. I did see a
dealer underprice by half and be about $5 cheaper than the outlet prices.

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On Fri, 1 May 1998, Bob Mansker wrote:

> '87 5KQ (non-turbo) 2.3
> I want to replace my front & back Rotors, Calipars (duo in front), Pads &
> brake lines.
> Local auto parts store has Bendix front Rotors for $33.15 & the back Rotars
> for $27.72ea.
> Also rebuild seals for Calipars for $12.82.
> QUESTION... Will the Bendix rotors work OK???
> Does anyone have a source for better rotors for around the same price?? 
> Thanks,
> Bob