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RE: Replacing front & back Rotars

On older cars you may find that it isn't possible to get true stock rotors
anymore ... even if you get them from the dealer they will be ATE rotors
with the Audi P/N taped to the box.  Carlsen sells the aftermarket-original
ATEs for a pretty reasonable price ... I don't remember the quote on the
Bendix rotors exactly, but it didn't seem that different from the price I
got for ATE 5kTQ rotors from Carlsen with the q-list discount ...

> ----------
> I wouldn't use anything else other than stock type rotors. You may be
> sorry, you may not. Check with Blaufergnugen or VW parts. their prices are
> very close to that. Always check with the dealer, though. I did see a
> dealer underprice by half and be about $5 cheaper than the outlet prices.
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)