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Newbie problems.

Hi all,

I picked up my '90 CQ yesterday and drove it home.  I guess I'm officially an
Audi owner.  I was thinking about auto-xing the car today, however I ended up
taking my other car out.

I have some problems (of course)...

Belt squeal.  This didn't start till last night.  I'd have to kill a lot of
pigs to duplicate this noise.  It goes away once past 1700rpm.  I looked at the
belts (or what I could see of them) they are ratty and tatty.  I'm assuming
they are the original belts, the car has 75,000 miles.

Are these easy to change?  Is there a procedure listed on one of the web sites?
 The Quattro 20V website doesn't appear to have much info on this.

Also, I have an alarm problem.  If I don't lock/unlock the car when I'm not in
it, the alarm will sound when I open the door.  The problem seems to be that
the alarm arms itself regardless of a locking the car.  Unlocking does disarm
it though.

I read about the mis-aligned alarm teeth, so I started to remove the passenger
side door inner door panel.  I removed the handle, and then got stuck.  Where
are these bolts that hold the panel on?  Also, does that cheezie wood trim come
off?  The faq says to remove armrest and trim...  The only bolts I could find
were behind the panel, but I had to pull the panel back from the door, which it
didn't want to do...

Any help would be much appreciated.