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Re: Wheel Alignment

Greg - I don't have a fix but I suspect members of the quattro group 
do.  Sounds to me like you have a bent suspension member, possibly 
either a sub-frame or lower strut brace, but I have been fortunate 
enough NOT to have this problem.  Greg, you might consider joining 
the quattro group - with two Audis, it would be an immense help to

Quattro members - would you please reply directly to Greg?  He's not 
on the group.

> Date:          Mon, 04 May 1998 01:31:14 -0400
> From:          Greg Lagoda <redrum@icubed.com>
> To:            a-powell1@tamu.edu
> Subject:       Wheel Alignment

> Hello Al, I'm glad to see other smart people out there driving Audis
> and enjoying their cars.I too, have a 1990,  200 sedan. What is the
> front tire wear like on yours? I've elongated the holes as much as
> possible on the strut mounts, but still can't get enough, to get the
> correct camber setting! Do you happen to have any fixes for this
> problem? I'm tired of the front tires wearing out every three
> months. My sons 84  5000s is the same way.            Thanks for
> your time!   Greg Lagoda
>                                                        Rd#2 Box 479
>                                                        Blairsville,
>                                                        Pa.
> 15717

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