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Re: Newbie questions 4ksq

Dave Fain writes:
> OK, I understand BTDT and I know what a Hall sending unit is,
> but what the H*** is this "bomb" in the braking system?

Your 4KQ doesn't have a "bomb".  The bomb is properly known as
the "hydraulic accumulator" and is used in the type 44 chassis
(e.g., 84+ 5K) cars, which has hydraulic assist for the braking
system instead of vacuum.

> And does
> anybody have any idea what those German engineers were thinking
> when they designed the center vent in the dash so that it wasn't
> _supposed_ to blow anything but outside air???  I thought mine was
> busted until I RTFM (British car term re: owners manual).

The center vent will also blow cold air when the A/C is on, so it's
not always "outside air".

BTW, both of these have been discussed at length in the past.  Check
the list archives.

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