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Re: The continuing saga

      Now get ready for this: He admitted that I should be getting way better than
      14 mpg and asked what kind of gas I was using. I said supreme, he said thats
      your problem you should be using regular!!!!! ??????? The manual clearly
      states that I should be using no less than 91 octane gas and to only use 87
      octane in an emergency. So once again he is contradicting what the Audi manual
      is telling me. Oh, he also said emphatically to only use Mobil gasoline, no
      other kind, just Mobil. 

   Mobil?  I have heard many bad reports on Mobil gasolines.  Try running the
   tank till it's low and then fill up with Amoco 93 or Sunoco 94 or Texaco
   93.  See what if any difference this may make.

I've had no problems with Mobil, nor have I heard of anyone else having


I have empirically observed, however, that Shell 93 consistently gives
me better mpg, to the tune of 1 or 2 mpg, as compared to Mobil. It's
too early to tell if (but sure looks like) it's [still] true with my
'98 A4TQ, but was definitely the case with my UrQ several years ago,
and even earlier with both my Lotus and my urabuS wagon.

Anyone else have any datapoints to contribute to this [new] fray?


P.S.	OK, my turn: Dee -- welcome to the QList, etc. and so forth.
	You're definitely in for an, um, er, ah, interesting time!