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FS: 1986 Audi 5000CS turbo quattro

                1986 Audi 5000CS turbo Quattro

        - 5-speed manual transmission
        - 193k miles
        - Price $2800
        - Pearl White exterior
        - Black leather interior

        Known problem and condition of this car is as follows
        * Need new tires.
        * Need rear left or right CV shaft or bearing, It is little noisy.
        * Interior is very clean and no demage or cracks.
        * Exterior paint is good, except some scratches, but no
        * Power windows work for most of them. Some doesn't work,
          but the motor is OK since all of them work with the Driver
          switch. Maybe those switched need some cleanup at the contact.
        * Comes with Bentley (Official factory) service manual.

	I bought this car as a project car, about 8 months ago. But
	between job, and taking care of the kids, while the wife started 
	studying, I don't think I will get enough time to play with this 
	one. Have fixed, and replaced some of the stuff. 

	The car is located in Fremont CA, but I can bring it to work at 
	San Jose CA.