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Re: WTB: non running '84 4kq

$1k 4k always becomes a $3k car? Pooey!! My $500 87 with light rear end 
damage was fixed for about $500, equaling a wonderful 4kcsq that's had over 
10k  CT to VT miles put on it by me. As with any older Audi, it requires a 
bit of TLC all the time, or the upkeep with bury you (ie door handles, rust 
spots, lights burn out, door handles, door handles...)

If you want to do it cheap, buy two. My $600 junker served me very well, 
and I still have a lot of bits left. What I've sold (at IMHO, low prices) 
has almost paid for both cars.

What a great way to learn. It's nice to tear something apart so you know 
how to do it right the next time.

87 4kcsq

PS. I still have some good parts from the 86. Mostly mech bits, but two 
right doors, cat, manifold, front bumper interior trim... And Huw, I got 
the body kit off (still interested?)!

Date:	Sun, 03 May 1998 19:49:34 -0700
From:	auditude <auditude@impulsedata.net>
Subject:	Re: WTB: non running '84 4kq

> Eric Maxon <emaxon@megsinet.net>
> The more misspelled words and mis/dis-information you find in
> the ad, the more likely you've found someone who hasn't the faintest
> idea what they're selling.

True.  The ad for the '85 4ksq I bought didn't even say quattro.  I think 
it said 4000 S4 or something.  I had to call and ask.
> You'd be amazed at the number of Audi's (mainly 84-7 4000 and 5000 fwd
> cars, but a quattro now and then) that show up in the U-Pull junk yards
> here that look perfect and show no immediately apparent signs of WHY
> they were junked.

People get discouraged, and/or don't have the q-list.
> BEWARE, however, that any $1000 (or less) 4000q/sq/csq you buy WILL (not
> might) end up being at least a $3000 car, even if you already have a
> motor to drop in, and do all the work yourself.  (I'm up to about $1000
> in parts already on my '85 in 2 months @ wholesale prices,
> and still have MANY minor repairs to make)

No turning back now!  I am inspired!
Ken (looking for a Phoenix, AZ shop to repair my cracking firewall, any