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CQ vs. 91tq

Hey all,
	I drove a 90 CQ yesterday.  I liked it quite a bit.  The 20v NA
was nice and smooth, albeit a bit underpowered.  The selling point,
however, was the handling.  The car's handling was fantastic!  The
reason for this E-Mail is:  I was wondering how the handling of the 91tq
stacks up against the CQ.  What I know (or think I know)...
	Intellichoice says:
	CQ data:				91tq data:
	Weight  		3308lbs		Weight  	3627lbs
	Wheel Base		100 inches	Wheel Base	106
	Length		176 inches	Length		193 inches

	Also, I was wondering what was involved in a 20v turbo swap in a
CQ.  Any (other than S2's) running around out there??


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