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Re: Why BMW 325iX and 525iX sucks?

When the 325ix was introduced in USA they had a demo day at Hunter Mtn.
Ski Bowl in NY. Bruno Kreibech of,Audi rally fame,was there skiing for
the day.They found him and asked him to "give the new AWD a try".He did.
Upon his return he gave them the keys and said "It's got a longway to
come before it's close to a Quattro". I might add,he only replied after
being prodded by the PR guys.

>From the description of the IX system,given the chain set up,I would say
the system is very close to da-da,Quadra Track.Jeeps AWD system they put
in those early Wagoneers.If you were lucky, you replaced the chain
set-up,with a gear cluster from Doug Nash ($400.00)before the chain
a hole in your x-fer case.BTDT.