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RE: Why BMW 325iX and 525iX sucks?

<Having so
<many parts specific to that model alone, repairs can get expensive - especially
<the transfer case that is lubed by only a quart of ATF.  

HAHAHAHAHAHA - whoops - excuse me!

<At least the locking
<differentials are maintenance free.  

Quattro 100% mech locking and Torsen diffs are not maint free?

<It also had a higher center of gravity,
<ride height, and curb weight.  In stock form, it could give a quattro a run for
<its money, and probably beat it (200q20V, S4, RS2, etc. excluded)

Please add all moderately-tweeked ur-qs to the above list. My 84 4KQ in SCCA Solo II HS legal trim was _just barely_ beaten by a 325iX Dinan Turbo with massive tahrs & wheels & suspension upgrades running in Mod. (I was in Mod as well due to the R1 tires I was running - non SCCA local club rules [SCCNH] - even though the 4KQ was SCCA HS legal)