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200tq test drive impression

I just returned from a lively jaunt from behind the wheel of a '91 200tq. A
friend of mine recently had his Chevy totaled, and was looking for a new
car. We stopped at a Mercedes dealer earlier this evening to look at a used
BMW he was interested in (I just can't convince him to get an Audi). In the
area where dealer keeps its so called "less-desirable" used cars (this is a
Benz dealer after all) was a light grey '91 200tq. I inquired about it from
the salesman, playing dumb of course, and asked what it was. All he knew was
it was a '91, and had 106k on the clock. I asked what model, and he said
they weren't 100% sure since it did not have any badges (ha ah). Well, I
took it for a quick ride. Its amazing the power that 5 cyl 20V turbo puts
out compared to my V6. I didn't get a chance to really push the corners real
hard, but it handled great, even though it had BFG Touring TA's on it. The
car was bone stock, still had the UFO's. I asked what they were asking for
it, and was told they had not gone over the car yet, so he did not know. I
left my name and # with them so they could get back to me. Hell, maybe they
ask some ridiculously low price for it. I know this is just wishful
thinking, but stranger things have happened.

'92 100S (71k)