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2.7liter Biturbo TT Sportscar

	I have read through some sources that the TT may be in developement to
receive the 330hp biturbo V6 from the S4. Yes I am well aware of the
mounting differences, and the packaging of the V6 not fitting transversely.
I'm not so sure it is going in transversely, rather they are developing a
way to mount it longitudinally in the A chassis. As for the other
speculated engines, specifically the 1.8T, I do not know how they will
mount it. This sounded like the dreamings of an auto journalist who
couldn't tell the diff between a V6 and a VR6 until Geneva.
	I don't know if you all saw the Seat Bolero 330BT showcar. This was a
styling exercise for the VW Group's spanish subsidiary and a glimpse of
reality to the Twin Turbo TT rumor. The Bolero showcar was apparently A
chassis based (source from a person who saw it first hand at the Geneva
show), and equipped with a 2.7 biturbo engine with 330hp (thus the 330bt
designation bt for biturbo). Other features were a 6-speed tiptronic
transmission and Syncro awd (further confirmation of the A chassis use). 
	So they have developed a way to make the engine fit in the A chassis.
Rumor was Piech was not satisfied with a 1.8T when the Z3, SLK and Boxster
all either featured a V6 or were slated to. Looks like the TTS will be a
biturbo, and the TT will be a 1.8T.
	If you would like to see a picture of the Seat Bolero, go to our webpage
listed below. There is one  in the news section.
VW Vortex