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RE: Torsen Stuff

Seems perfectly reasonable. The very first quattros had no centre diff - just a direct F-R connection ala normal 4WD. Complaints (by Herr Piech's wife) about the car 'not wanting to move' in tight, slow parking-lot type turns prompted development of the center diff. The vast majority of Rally cars ran with no center diff, or 100% locked (effectively the same). This also seems perfectly reasonable. Slip angles are almost always very high and the relative distance the F & R must travel is very small Vs the L-to-R wheels' difference. Even on dry pavement there is no major problem with no center diff at racing speeds due again to the relatively large slip angles involved and the fact that the F & R are not travelling vastly different distances when the car is in a typical 4-wheel drift at speed. The BTCC quattros seem to have proven successfully this to be the case most recently.

What did the SCCA Trans-Am and IMSA quattros run for diffs? None/locked?


Phil Payne decided to speak these words:

>Others will comment on the other parts - but the Touring Cars had
>no Torsens - in fact, as far as I can tell, they had no centre
>differentials at all.  I've seen the drivetrain stripped on the bench
>at Audi Sport, and I've spent three days looking after Biela's 1996
>practice car for Audi - an hour of which was spent underneath looking

Right, but according to Christopher Morlock, this is a horrible system 
because its just 4wd with no torque transfer and is backwards and way too 
simplistic to be any good...

can you tell im pissed at him?


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