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RE: galvanised ur-quattros - YES!

I am convinced that this is the case. I have seen many a semi-cancerous 82-84 ur-q but every 85 ur-q I have had the pleasure of seeing has had outstanding body and paint, far better Vs the 82-84 ur-qs. Based on this observation and on what I heard, at the time that the 85 ur-qs were new, was that the 85 and on ur-qs are in fact galvi. My own 85 ur-q example with >200,000 miles on it still looks new and has no rust problems at all. Now my 84 4KQ RR car (no galvi) - this car, with fewer miles, is really showing its age rust and paint-wise, what difference!


interested to note that, during the investigation of my clutch system leak in
my ur-quattro, during which i had cause to examine the firewall (from the pedal
box), that what i saw was an shiny, unpainted, and galvanised surface.

so, maybe the urban myth that some galvinising was done on the later
ur-quattros is true after all...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q