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Claims again

Stilian writes:
>Would you provide us with info that torsen was not used in the the
>events that the others have posted and/or was not successful. It is very
>easy to say "I do not believe it. You are wrong. The info you provide is
>wrong". Prove it.

Ah yes, Stilian again.  You haven't read the archives have you?  This is
rehash, and the post Greg put up is incorrect.  Please, if you want to make a
claim, have some knowlege of it.  The documented use of Torsens in racing is
foggy at best.  The claim is Torsens in racing.  Documentation, observations
by Phil, others, and audis own racing specs, don't confirm that.  This isn't
new.  There is reference to Torsens amongst many diffs listed by audi (and if
you read those references, you can't make the jump that torsens were used in
racing, save the S1 for a short time= my claim, unsuccessfully).  Doesn't for
a minute mean they actually used them.  Be careful with the claims they did.
The ONLY indication to date is the reference I quoted on the S1 in a 2-26-98
post.  Pretty vague too.  Stilian, plenty of folks are trying hard to prove it
was used.  Not quite accepted as fact yet.  Sorry.   Pick a car pick a race.
None posted yet.

>Following the same logic and attitude I can say that you "Imagined the
>byte" and it does not exist and so on. You want the others to consider
>what you have to say, but would not do the same for what they have to
>say. Disregarding everything that contradicts your theory is not the
>way to come to an agreement on the torsen subject. You also seem to
>generate a lot of email that does not have any real contribution to the
>discussion and generally this is considered SPAM. I have followed this
>spider byte torsen tread for 2.5 months now and do not understand how we
>kept it going for so long  Maybe you are right, but you can not prove it
>with plethora of inconclusive evidence and round robin diatribes. 
>If agreeing with your theory is what it takes I will agree just to end
>this and get on with life.
>Best Regards
>Stilian Elenkov

Stilian, howitzer fired, btft.  Now you owe the list a good meaningful,
thoughtful or helpful post.  Happy to be the front for the nasty offense.
Doesn't change the physics of a torsen in a turn.  Doesn't change the exact
lack of evidence to support audi Torsens in racing.  Once we do this, we can
go to what the BR is.  We need to support the claim of the device first.
Premature fire again?  

A concerted effort to read Jeff's simple explanation of the phenomenon would
be considerate, given your 2.5 months of passive "involvement".  Prove what?
That a "dumb gear jamming frictional device" is exactly what the author and
designer describes it to be?  Ok, I'm with you on where you're coming from.

You owe the list a meaningful post now.

Scott Justusson