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Re: A6 Buyer's Remorse?

Let me say this about the Torsen.
I have/had a pair of 4000 quattros.  I can't think of a better
snow car.  I now have a Coupe Quattro with the Torsen.
It's slightly less stable at high speeds in the snow
(though that could be due to tires), it occasionally
does something weird "back there" in the parking lot
at slow speeds (almost feels like driving with the
center diff locked).

I'm sure it's a compromise, and given my druthers, I'd prefeer
manual control of my diffs.  I'd also prefer manual climate
control for that matter.  But, for most of the time, you just
drive and go, and it works.  It's still a "real" quattro

In competition, things are different from on the street.  Here
too compromises are made, often different ones from those on the

Whatever Audi decided to use in each car, it was for a reason.
It might not be the right reason for you and I, but it was the
right reason for them.

I think we've about exhausted this thread.  Torsen limitations
noted, next topic please.

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