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Re: A4 roof rack (NO torsen content!)

>I posted this on the A4.org forum but got no useful response.  Maybe it
>was a boring question.  :-)
>My A4 is probably going to be here in a month or so.  Meanwhile, I have
>to decide on a roof rack for schlepping my canoe around.
>I talked it over with the dealer (Clair, in Boston) and the guy at the
>parts window wasn't all that encouraging about carrying a canoe on the
>factory roof rack.  He suggested I go with Thule instead.  (Better
>rack-to-boat attachments?)
>That's strange, if it's true that the factory rack system is made by Thule
>Anyhow, any BTDT much appreciated.  Do I go with Audi, Thule or Yakima?
>BTW I also want to carry a bike (not at the same time of course).

I have a Thule rack for my A4. I think it's a great rack. I use it to
windsurfing equipment, bicycles, furniture or about anything else I need. 

The other good point is that you can buy new mounting brackets and it will
other cars. My rack is on it's third car.

Ob SUV slam: I bought a table and four chairs at a furniture store. When I
went to
             load the furniture, a couple was putting a table on the roof
rack of 
             their SUV. I drove up, waited for them to get my furniture,
             2 chairs in the back, a table top, frame and the other two chairs
             on the Thule, tied it down using the ratchets and drove off while
             the SUV owners were trying to reassemble their broken rack.

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