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A4 roof rack (NO torsen content!)

I posted this on the A4.org forum but got no useful response.  Maybe it
was a boring question.  :-)

My A4 is probably going to be here in a month or so.  Meanwhile, I have
to decide on a roof rack for schlepping my canoe around.

I talked it over with the dealer (Clair, in Boston) and the guy at the
parts window wasn't all that encouraging about carrying a canoe on the
factory roof rack.  He suggested I go with Thule instead.  (Better
rack-to-boat attachments?)

That's strange, if it's true that the factory rack system is made by Thule

Anyhow, any BTDT much appreciated.  Do I go with Audi, Thule or Yakima?
BTW I also want to carry a bike (not at the same time of course).


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