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No Subject

Hello Q-listers:

I have been 'on the fence' about converting the UFO brake system on my
1990 V8 because of the cost of the conversion parts and because of the
fact that my system has worked (and is still working) very well.  

My mechanic pulled the engine out of a wrecked 72K mile '91 200TQ to
transplant into his '90 Coupe.  He asked me if I wanted anything off
the car, and I found that it had the dealer conversion kit for the
front brakes (441-615-301A rotors).  I picked up the entire front
suspension for $450 and removed it yesterday.

I am going to replace the wheel bearings, machine the rotors and put
new pads and brake lines in.  I am planning on replacing strut
bearings and swapping out my struts and springs from the V8.  I have a
couple of questions about the swap.

Are spring rates and strut cartridges for the 200TQ and V8 the same?

How much time would you plan for the conversion?

Anything additional that I will need to make the swap?  Does the wear
sensor wiring match up?  Is the ABS sensor the same?  Are the brake
lines the same?

If I am not mistaken, the car will now use S4 brake pads and rotors. 
I am sure this has been discussed before, and I tried searching the
archives to no avail.  It looks straightforward, but I just want to be
prepared for everything.

Thanks everyone!

Best Regards,

Douglas P. Glanz (dglanz@yahoo.com)

90 V8 Quattro, 129K
87 Alfa Milano Platinum, 67K (don't flame me if you haven't driven one)
83 Alfa Spider Veloce, 108K
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