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In message <UPMAIL06.199805070652070754@classic.msn.com> "PAT MARTIN" writes:

> The people who refuse to accept the theory and possibility of a
> wrong tshift during a turn refuse the theory not because of any
> logical counter-argument but because they don't want to believe that
> there could be anything wrong with their beloved Audi.  Get over
> it.


You want a list of what's wrong with the 1988 Torsen ur-quattro?  It's
a long list ...

It starts with the abortion that passes for a fuel control system,
controlling a fuel frequency valve essentially by guesswork.  And
how about the placement of the clutch master cylinder in RHD models?
The driver's blind spot?  The headlight wiring?

Believe me, there's a _LOT_ to criticise and a _LOT_ that other
manufacturers did better.  There is no blind defence of a "beloved"
Audi here - the thing has a _LOT_ wrong with it.

But the "spider bite" has not yet been reproduced on an ur-quattro,
despite a good few attempts.  I've just had a phone call from another
Torsen ur-quattro owner saying he'll be attending the 'clinic' this
evening at the Robin Hood, so we might have up to three Torsen
ur-quattros within three miles of the infamous traffic island at the
north end of the Brackley bypass.  If the equally infamous UK weather
co-operates, we'll have a mass attempt to find spiders.

 Phil Payne
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