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The truth about 20vt conversion? (was RE: 20v Turbo '90 - '91 CQ)

This is a question that has been nagging at me since I bought my 91CQ a 
couple months ago.  What is a REALISTIC projected cost to have a 3B (20vt) 
swap done properly?  (I realize that the definition of "properly" may vary 
widely...)  Has anyone BTDT to offer their insight?  I have seen 20vt 
drivelines w/ECU & harness advertised and posted around $5k.  I'm pretty 
handy with a ratchet, but I have no intention of attempting a full engine 
transplant myself.  Definitely would seek professional help - in more ways 
than one!  :  )

I think part of the problem is (correct me if I am wrong...) that many of 
the 20Vt swaps have been done for rally or track use -vs- a "street" or 
daily driver application - so guys like Mark Nelson may not be able to 
offer relevant experience.  Right or wrong?  I know several projects are in 
process, but I haven't heard much from those who have completed them. 
 (I've heard mention of Ned Ritchie, "Max" at AVS in Seattle, and perhaps 
"The Bennett Brothers" in Davis, Ca.)  I would think if someone could get 
this swap well documented and "down to a science" there would be a fair 
amount of demand for their services.  (subject to availability of donor 
engines and cars to put them in of course...)

My personal guess-timate was between $10K and $15K (including driveline..) 
supporting Pat's point of view below.  Is this just being naive??  If I 
can't have the swap done in this price range, then I'll probably just do 
some of the conventional upgrades and start looking for an S4 (or some 
other fast toy...) to go with my Coupe.  ("One for show, and one for GO", 
so to speak...)  As much as I want to build a "virtual RS2" I can't justify 
an investment approaching $30k to do it.

Mike's (ambient@ameritech.net) 20v supercharger project starts to sound 
more appealing all the time!

Dave Via
91 CQ (possibly 20v N.A. forever?)

> Date: Thu, 7 May 98 06:41:56 UT
> From: "PAT MARTIN" <MARDKINS@classic.msn.com>
> Subject: RE: 20v Turbo '90 - '91 CQ

> Who told you that!!!!  I cant imagine it costing more than 15k at the 
> HIGH end.  What are they doing gold plating it as they put it in.

>>  It seems that a '90 - '91 CQ 20v Turbo Conversion is in the $20k - $30k
>> range, all told.  How much are S2's?  European friends (Tom, Phil, Jim,
>> et al)?  Can they be converted to U.S. specs?  What's the gray market
>> got to say?  $30k sounds like a lot for a 'home project'.  Probably
>> worth the extra $$ to import an S2 (if possible), than spend $20k and
>> 150 to 200 manhours on a car that (in my case and level of technical
>> expertise) may not turn out right anyway.

>> TIA,

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>> Gary M. Lewis
>> 1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   195,000 miles (and counting...)
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