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Reverse lights

Dave writes:
>the s1 was last used to the group 'b' rules in 1985.  we know that audi
>rally'ed with the s1/torsen at least at the san remo, as they'd be able to
>homologate the torsen with the "evolution" (20-off) provision of the group
>rules (sport quatro --> s1 (evo)).

Where is the documentation of Torsen use?  Do we really know that, or are you
taking the homog to mean that torsens were used.  Not a jump I would make.
Audi would never cheat, no way, never.  Even if the drivers wanted nothing to
do with the Torsen.  Hey, rules is rules.

>the other rally's were undertaken to the group "a" rules where audi, unless
>they were cheating, *had* to use the torsen on the cars homologated (25,000
>examples) with them.
>therefore we can safely say that the torsen was on all these 1986 group 'a'
>cars, unless audi was cheating.
>over to you, scott.

I'm smiling Dave, you are exactly right in your "thinking".  'Cept  ALL street
sport quattros produced under homog had NO torsens (all lockers f&r).  So audi
would technically be cheating if they USED torsens.  You have this backwards

And we know that no one would think of cheating in any race environment.    


Scott Justusson