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The last of T* - Cliff notes

I know, I know, too many posts on Torsens.  I'm the biggest violator.  Again,
my thanks for bearing with me, or more likely, indulging me with the delete
key.  My fascination with this "bite" phenomenon, is with passion for me, as I
have never been so fooled by chassis dynamics as with ALL quattros with this
device.   Unfortunately, the mud got so deep, that the basics, and some good
information, got swept under the tide of ego, and basics to understanding the
device known as Torsen.  Since no one has a higher involvement in the posts, I
have decided to give the Cliff notes for those who may not be so patient with
the archive search engine's inability to excerpt the mud from the facts.
Since the basics are really the focus here, the following posts should prove
to be good reads for those interested in Center Torsens.  Jeff and I both,
accept the basics for what they are, and have moved on, others here haven't.
Maybe the best place to start, is at the definition of the device, and of the
"bite" (tm -scott j) phenomenon.  

Thanks to Jeff for his patience (far ahead of mine), and some really great
posts in the face of adversity.  I put these in the best respective order of
read, the Torsen white paper, admittedly the most difficult, since it deals
only with rwd/fwd applications.  But hang tight it gets easier as you folllow
the sites:

For a description of Torsen operation, the "white paper" by  S. Chocholek:

For a summary on Jeff's interview with Chocholek

For more detail on Jeff's interview with Chocholek

For a description of the "bite" phenomenon (there are many :), but the most
clear, by Jeff G. responding to Dave E. and others on T* and Chassis dynamics
in a turn:


Draw your own conclusions, do your own tests, Jeff and I are still interested
in the 'fix'.  

Happy to discuss issues beyond the basics.  Those basics have been rehashed
and are hardly informative anymore.  If you don't accept them, that's fine.
Not our objective (Jeff and I), we are more selfish than that.  We want the
fix, to the chassis dynamics OR the device.  The rest is of no interest to us.
Please feel free to post me privately on your results, tests, bites and
"corrections".  The dropping of the thread in the public forum of this q-list,
has not satiated either Jeff or I in our quest for a better quattro.

Thanks for indulging my bandwidth on this subject.


Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'86 5ktqw
'84 Urq