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Possible Intercoller Woes

Sometimes I can't leave well enough alone.

While changing the timing belt on my 5kcstq, I
decided to remove the intercooler, clean it,
and reinforce it. Cleaned it inside and out 
with Castrol purple stuff (which got it _very_
nice looking inside!). Took pain off, of course,
so I went paint shopping. Eventually I decided on
a very high-temperature paint with a semi-flat
black finish.

While putting the last touches on it, I dropped
it from the rear patio deck onto the ground. The
towel I had it on fell and managed to get under
it and cushion most of the blow. However, looking
at it with the hose connection end facing me and
the outlet to the throttlebody on my right, I have
a small chip or dent in the plastic endcap, in an
area that I would describe as the southeast corner
of the lower IC chamber. Looking inside, I can see
no deformation visile. But I'm worried that I have
created a weak spot in the IC where it might blow
apart later under high boost.

Am I worrying needlessly, or should I look into 
some way to reinforce this spot on the endcap?
Am I just totally screwed?

tia, -doug q
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)            [Call me "Doug"]
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