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Re: Possible Intercoller Woes

At 07:28 AM 5/11/98 -0500, Douglas Hurst Quebbeman wrote:
>Sometimes I can't leave well enough alone.
>While changing the timing belt on my 5kcstq, I
>decided to remove the intercooler, clean it,
>and reinforce it. Cleaned it inside and out 
>with Castrol purple stuff (which got it _very_
>nice looking inside!). Took pain off, of course,
>so I went paint shopping. Eventually I decided on
>a very high-temperature paint with a semi-flat
>black finish.

Be very careful if you paint the exterior cooling fins on the
intercooler...you can be destroying its ability to dissipate heat.  Regular
paints are too thick for that purpose; they'll trap the heat and greatly
diminish functionality.  You can use a special paint made just for
radiators (available at Eastwood and other places), otherwise its best to
keep the cooling fins unpainted (or way-cool bare aluminium like Griffin
radiators or the A4qt intercooler)............SLM

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