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re: bushings in rear transverse links

>I'm reposting because I've gotten almost no response. Can't believe there
>isn't >a bunch of BTDTs on this one.
>On my '91 200q: with either rear wheel off, when I grab an upper
>transverse >link, I can rotate it (about the long axis) thru a range of
>about 20 (maybe 30) >degrees. Even  though they don't seem especially
>loose (in fact are very hard >to rotate),I guess this movement indicates
>some wear in the outer bushings.
>Is this the usual symptom of _excessive_ wear in the components? That is,
>>should they be _replaced_?
>Is it possible to replace the (outer) end only? Or are both ends likely to
>need >replacement at about the same time?

I'm still hoping for feedback on the above questions (especially the first

If clarification is needed: the "transverse links" in question are those
upper links that adjust the rear wheel camber. I want to know if the amount
of movement I described indicates _enough_ bushing wear that the links
should be replaced. These are probably originals and therefore have 99K


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com