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Re: Bridgestone RE930 tires.

Bob Mansker wrote:
> I may purchase Bridgestone RE930s soon.
> I have Pirelli HPs on my 87 5KQ now. (H rated)
> QUESTION.??.. Can I put (2) RE930s on the front & move the best Pirellis to
> the back.
> Both tires are "H" rated.
> Has anyone on the list bought RE930s & what are your comments.
> I am looking for good handling, good rain control, & a QUIET touring tire.
> Many Thanks,
> Bob
Nope, you should not combine tires with different threads, compounds and
other differences. The car will of course run but you may feel "loosenes
" and "wandering" at certain speeds. High speed cornering not advisable.
For limited city driving " no problem " but you must stay dry and out of
freeways !