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Re: Bridgestone RE930 tires.

I put on good tires on the front of my car and have (relatively) lesser
tires in the back. In dry, it's great. Cures the unsettling, nose dive
understeer cornering feeling. The car feels more neutral. A drift
(yippee!) in the dry is lateral and not front rear front. In the wet, I
have to be very careful because it will unsttle very quickly and easily.
Not hard to work around, just have to drive sensibly. Braking is ok, I
just as easily lock the rears and go completely on the fronts with good
rears. Probably not a thing to do on Quattros.

Question: on torsen and non torsen quattros, will the system be damaged by
staggering the tires as mentioned above?

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
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On Mon, 11 May 1998, Pcarselle wrote:

> Bob Mansker wrote:
> > 
> > I may purchase Bridgestone RE930s soon.
> > I have Pirelli HPs on my 87 5KQ now. (H rated)
> > QUESTION.??.. Can I put (2) RE930s on the front & move the best Pirellis to
> > the back.
> > Both tires are "H" rated.
> > Has anyone on the list bought RE930s & what are your comments.
> > I am looking for good handling, good rain control, & a QUIET touring tire.
> > Many Thanks,
> > Bob
> Bob:
> Nope, you should not combine tires with different threads, compounds and
> other differences. The car will of course run but you may feel "loosenes
> " and "wandering" at certain speeds. High speed cornering not advisable.
> For limited city driving " no problem " but you must stay dry and out of
> freeways !
> Pablo