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Re: Thermostat Cover Problem Solved

maybe the right angle that the coolant flows when it exits the thermostat.
If the two support things obstruct water flow, could cause damage to the
stat or create water flow problems.. 

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On Tue, 12 May 1998, Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <199805122130.OAA12804@InterJet.ascor-inc.com> Tony Lum writes:
> > Doug, if it has an arrow, my Bentley shows it pointing down.  Last one I
> > put in didn't have an arrow, so I put it with the crossing support
> > vertical.  Beats me why the arrow makes a difference as the 'stat appears
> > symmetrical all around.  Comments anybody?
> Most sensible suggestion I heard was from John Coughtrie.
> His theory was that it was for the mechanics in the fitting shop, if
> the customer/owner was a pleasant young lady, to spin on the coffee
> table.  When it stops, the one that the arrow is pointing to makes
> an approach to the lady.
> A bit like the bottle in "Postman's Knock", for any of my countrymen
> present.
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