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Fwd: Help! Difficulty Starting my '86 4kQ

>It is a '86 4kQ.  My
>friend and I were installing a new stereo in it several days ago and when
>we were finished I started up the car and it began to idle extremely rough
>and with a very low idle. 

Fred go back and thoroughly check out EVERYTHING that was touched during
the stereo installation!
It was working fine before you did that.  You may have tapped power off a
line and inadvertently disconnected a computer sensor.  You might have
internally broken a wire that supplied power to a system.  The radio may be
drawing power from a line that is voltage dependent.  Check, check, recheck
and recheck everything you did.  If necessary remove the radio/stereo
installation and figure it out that way.  I guarantee that somewhere in
there you hooked something up incorrectly.