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Re: Audi 100 typ 43 questions...

> Some questions about my Audi 100, 5 cyl, 136 hp, 2.2 litre, 1982 model..
> I have percieved oily surfaces on the plane of the cylinderhead where the
> fuel-injection nozzles are fitted to the manifold, with some oily areas along the
> edge of the rocker-cover..
> >From my available manuals it seems these injectors are only plugged in the
> intake manifold, using a rubber o-ring (each).
> Is this true?


> So, leaking could be caused by leaking o-rings..

but they don't go to oil lines.
> But, as oly deposits are along the cover-edge too, I reasoned the following
> could be true:

Try a new rubber type cam cover (no rocker arms!) gasket first.  about
$20, easy to install.

Huw Powell