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Audi 100 typ 43 questions...

Hi list,

Some questions about my Audi 100, 5 cyl, 136 hp, 2.2 litre, 1982 model..

I have percieved oily surfaces on the plane of the cylinderhead where the
fuel-injection nozzles are fitted to the manifold, with some oily areas along the
edge of the rocker-cover..

>From my available manuals it seems these injectors are only plugged in the
intake manifold, using a rubber o-ring (each).

Is this true?

So, leaking could be caused by leaking o-rings..

But, as oly deposits are along the cover-edge too, I reasoned the following
could be true:
from leaking valves/valve-seals or both there could be a pressure building-up
below the rocker-cover, forcing oily-gases along the seals of the injectors and
the cover.
I would connect this to the fact that valves of this engine haven't been adjusted
last approx. 120000 km's (the time I own the car), mainly because it can't be
done yourself (shims are needed to compensate wear) and I didn't think of'
it too :-(
b.t.w.: oil 'leaking' was initially observed on only one injector-nozzle, but seems
to have 'generalized' now..

If this is true, how can I test it and how can I cure it..

Does any of you mechanics have an opinion to this??

The engine has 240000 km's now, and general oilconsumption is to the extent
that filling up is not needed between two oil-changes (every 7500 km's).

Thank you for any technical info on this theme!

Robert Willemsen
"unfriendly local A***-dealer only wants my money in large amounts.."