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Audi 100 typ 43 : McPherson stuts, damper

Dear Q-List,

On my typ 43 model, I want to change the dampers built in the McPherson front 

>From my manuals, I took it is possible:

with a special tool, then the strut doesn't need to be taken off the car and apart..
The tool is needed to unscrew the top-cap on the damper housing..
I don't have the tool :-(

in taking of the strut from the car and using spring-compressors to take off the 
top plate and have access to the damper's top-cap and to unscrew it..

You are right, I would like to take the first method..!
Does anyone know if it is possible to make that tool yourself??

>From pictures in the manual I think to see it consists of a tube, being able to 
slide over the damper piston rod, with a handle on one side to turn it round and 
on the other side a hexagon (??) insert to fit in the top-orifice in the top-cap..

I do have welding-gear, so some constructioning would be possible to me..

Maybe any of you does have hints on this??

Robert Willemsen